Friday, June 17, 2011

I needed a laugh and this is where I found it...

This brought back memories!  This is definitely not politically correct but I can't imagine a parent not feeling this at some point.  I never used profanities much....but I felt them at times!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Coffee Cake!

Food Works For Middle Way House is offering delicious coffee cakes!  We have discovered that everyone's idea of a perfect coffee cake is different.  You have those who want the yeasted bread type of cake and the others that prefer the quick bread type.  Charlotte Zietlow, famous in Bloomington for many great reasons including her critical role in getting Food Works off the ground, has provided us with her favorite recipe and that has now  become our stand by recipe.  Feel free to call us and order a coffee cake the day prior.....and if you have your own recipe you want to share, we can do that too!  (812) 219-9525.......P.S......I am planning a coffee cake recipe contest in the future!