Friday, June 19, 2009

AMA Resolution Would Seek to Label “Ungrateful” Patients

Say what???!!!!!!!!

I'm done with child birthing, but if I had been part of this labeling process "back in the day", I would have been labeled out of receiving available treatment. I practically was anyway. I had my first daughter Marissa at the hospital, only after a last minute decision to go there. The mid-wife hadn't personally delivered a breech baby. I was doing fine, got to the hospital too late for them to force a c-section on me, delivered naturally (no episiotomy, drugs, etc.) and went home. However, 4 years later I had an almost impossible time finding a doctor who would take me because the OB who delivered me had me blacklisted. Ended up going with a wonderful OB in Bedford. (another story). is another link.